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    Vincent Out


    Vincent started his career in finance in the late 90's. He worked as an equity derivatives broker in a number of banks and brokerages in Amsterdam and London. Due to his passion for networking and connecting people he decided after 15 years to move into the recruitment business.

    His understanding of the business and his tremendous network in the finance arena make him successful to fulfill your challenging hiring needs.

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    Ubi-Link specializes in recruitment of highly qualified personnel . We offer tailor made services in finding the right specialists for your organization . Together we will define your ideal candidate criteria and most importantly discuss the DNA of your company.

    We don't "post and pray" we actively hunt the right talent for you.

    Clear and regular communication about the process is to be expected, so you're never in the dark about the progress.


    If you're ready for your next step, we can discuss your future possibilities.

    Together we can make sure that your next challenge will encounter the right ingredients in the right environment.

    Feel free to reach out and discuss your needs, so we can manage to find you the best suitable job available


  • We don't wait for things to happen, we make them happen

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